Tracy Green: Beer and Sarnies

Patti pulled on her ‘barely black’ stockings, taking care not to snag them with her long crimson nails. She pointed her toes, admiring her shapely calves and well-defined ankles. The black skirt she had chosen was simple yet flattering; she pulled it on slowly whilst fantasising about John slowly pulling it off. Slipping into her sheer cream blouse, she savoured its silky feel against her skin. Next was her make up: she applied a couple of strokes of black mascara and a sweep of nude lip gloss. As she combed her bouncy auburn hair, she remembered the task ahead and felt a little queasy, but the feeling passed and was replaced by a wave of excitement and desire. After a slight struggle with her scarcely worn high heels, she plumped up her plush velvet cushions and smoothed the creases from her bed. Patti winked at herself in the mirror and whispered, ‘Go get him girl.’

Luckily for Patti’s little feet, John only lived across the hall. She hurried over to his flat and rang the bell before she could let any doubts develop; he was a good few years younger than she was, after all.

‘Oh ‘ello?’ John said upon answering the door. He looked slightly puzzled, but not unfriendy.

‘Hi John,’ Patti purred in her rich, husky voice. ‘Fancy coming over to mine for beer and sarnies?’

John paused for a moment, before replying with a cheeky glint in his eye, ‘Aye, why not, queen? ‘Ang on there while I just put me teeth in.’

Tracy lives in the North West of England and likes to write poetry and flash fiction as a hobby. Twitter: @tracymariegreen