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Five Days by Katy Murphy

Love in the age of lockdown. Should he stay, or should he go-go?


Mementos by Rebecca Kelly

Nobody wants to be the object of this kind of love.


Dear Hugh by Rebecca Taylor

A master class in using the children to sabotage your ex’s wedding


The Slip by Emma Kernahan

A natural disaster leads to resurrection of the Blitz spirit. Or is this actually the story?


The Thank You Sweets by Loarn

Our first visit to the community centre in which our protagonist makes some surprising discoveries.


Out of the Office by Mette Jolly

A death in the office leads to a quest for liberty.


The Coleridge Way by Sarah Nias

A detective following the path of four women on a wild walking tour questions the direction of his life.


Silent Breakdown by Monica Balt

They say it’s all about communication. This couple get it wrong


The Beginning of the End by Rowena MacDonald

A weekend with the perfect couple exposes the cracks in a marriage


Dear Xandra by Rebecca Taylor

Not quite the thank-you note social norms dictate


Bobby Briggs and the Wrong Ryan Miller Collection by Jo Varnish

A fondness for cherry pie and an obsession with ‘Twin Peaks’ produce sexy results


Pastures New by Loarn

The second episode in our saga of The Community Centre and its funny and engaging members


Madame and Yves in the Garden of Darkness by Kate Felix

A crafts market forms the backdrop for explosive sexual chemistry


Marlon Brando on my Breadboard by Michele Sheldon

A cross-dressing cat and and a miraculous manifestation change one woman’s life in this story of marriage in the age of social media


The Date Carousel by Michelle Christophorou

Our heroine goes speeddating


Dear Miss by Rebecca Taylor

Ever met one of those parents who think their kid is the best at everything? Not like this one, you haven’t.


WiLT by Julie Ma

A woman learns a new skill, reclaims her power and takes on the world


The Husband by Laura Danks

Familiarity breeds indifference in this domestic tale with a twist


Chocolate by Rebecca Taylor

Sleuthing, confectionary and eavesdropping  lead to romance in this family drama


The Christmas Card by Rebecca Taylor

The worst round-robin letter ever


The audio stories are read by Philippa Hall with guest appearances by actress Chloe Tannenbaum,

Music by Sam Tannenbaum,