The Collection

We are trilled to announce that our ebook is now available from Amazon. All the proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer UK.

Thank you to our wonderful contributors. We are extremely grateful for your help in raising money for this cause:

Rowena Macdonald, Katy Murphy, Tracey Hayward, Laura Ellwood, Stacey Murray, Kate Felix, Jo Varnish, Shelby Van Pelt, GS Walker, BF Jones, Jo Howard, Ana Basu, Rebecca Taylor, Federica Silvi, Adele Gregory, Sudha Balagopal, Monica Balt, Sue Divin, Fíona Scarlett, Myna Chang, Michele Sheldon, Hema Nataraju, Katie Isham, Sarah Williams, Julie Ma, Rebecca Kelly, Michelle Christophorou, Karen Walker, Sarah Nias, Danielle Devlin, Basia Wolf, Jo Withers and Chloe Banks.