The Fishing Trip by Delphine Gauthier-Georgakopoulos

The bait.

A small amount of food used to attract a fish or animal.

That day, you post something sad, weird, or angry, something different because you feel like it. Because, that day, you feel like ranting on social media. Small amount of food for thought.

The float.

A light object that floats on the surface of the water.

That day, she sends you a message. You haven’t heard from her for a while. You never hear from her, really. If you want to meet, you have to make the first move – always. But that day, her message floats on the surface of your inbox, innocently.

“Do you want to meet for coffee?”

The hook.

A curved device for catching or holding things.

That day, you meet up at the terrace of a local café. Curved table, curved cups of warm drinks, curved smiles. That day, you chat and you wait to see where it’s going.

The line.

A strong plastic string used with a fishing rod to catch fish.

That day, you chat about books, movies, music. You chat about kids, cats, partners. That day, she casts out the line.

‘We’re not having sex anymore.’

The net.

An object used to limit the movement of something.

That day, she turns to you, wanting an answer. You smile, weary, unsure of what is expected of you. You remain silent, embarrassed to discuss such intimate subjects with someone you’re not that close to. That day she gets you in her net.

‘You neither? I thought so.’

The catch.

The act of catching, taking hold of something.

That day, your eyes pop in surprise, your cheeks turn crimson, you gasp. She’s still talking, rambling on and on about failed relationships. Rambling on and on with a delighted smile taking hold of her pretty face.

‘Actually, just so we’re clear, I’m happy.’

The release.

The act of letting go.

That day, you promise to keep in touch and meet again soon. You fake-smile your goodbyes, tired and disappointed. You leave the café, rushing out as if you just got released from a net. That day, you realise that you hate fishing.

Delphine Gauthier-Georgakopoulos is a writer, teacher, traveller, mother, animal lover, music lover, gardener, dreamer, and foodie. She loves butter.
Image via Unsplashed.