Before Cordless Telephones by Kate Sullivan

No, Fiona, I’ll get it! Look in the dirty laundry…Hello?…William, that poor dog is not a pony!…  Judy! Hello, I can’t believe it’s you…Aidan, is the back door open?  I can feel a breeze…Judy, it’s been so long. How are you?…The back door, Aidan, and could you put all these LEGOs away please? Someone’s going to kill themselves…Sorry, Judy, you were saying something about your brother? OMG, remember when we all skipped school to drive to Canada? It’s so good to hear from you, Judy…Fiona, where’s the baby? When Star Blazers is over, it’s time to turn off  the tv and go outside…Are you crying, Judy? What’s wrong? He died? Oh dear!  What happened? Kidney?…Thank you, Fiona. Now could you please put some clothes on the baby?… Sorry Judy, this phone cord is too short. But didn’t your brother have two kidneys? …Melvin! Where are you? Could you check the oven? I think I left the broiler on. That leash is too tight, William…So, what happened to the other kidney, Judy? …Aiden, where’s dad? I need him to check if I left the back burner lit on the stove…He couldn’t find a donor? Jeez, Judy, that is so sad. … Ouch, that hurt! Your LEGOs, Aiden, pick them up!… Oh Judy, I’m so, so sorry… William, the doorbell is ringing. Go and see who it is… Will there be a funeral?… Ah, Mr.Wenniger, my favorite neighbor! What can I do for you? You see smoke?… Scatter them in the ocean? I love that.  Judy, hold on.  Someone’s at the door. Mr. Wenniger! What’s up? Could you help the baby with her shirt? Smoke? What smoke?…Judy, what time ? I’ll be there. What time? Could you speak up? I can’t hear you over the sirens…

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Text and illustrations by Kate Sullivan.

Kate Sullivan likes to play around with words, music, and pictures. She has written and illustrated children’s picture books ‘On Linden Square’ and ‘What Do You Hear?’, sung chansons at NYC Mme Tussaud’s Wax Museum, and her fugue-ish ‘Fugitum est’ was performed at Carnegie Hall by The Kremlin Chamber Orchestra as part of their tribute to Mozart. She also likes to paint ostriches and plays the musical saw to impress people. Her work has appeared in The Dillydoun Review, Rush Literary Magazine, North of Boston, and