Lucy Neal: TO DO LIST


  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Pay swimming bill deficit
  • Pay Brownies fees
  • Enquire about theatre school
  • Car MOT
  • Do not check work email
  • Do some drawing
  • Write
  • Text Girls, Annie
  • Organise playdates
  • Gym induction – 1pm
  • Make dinner for kids – start pizza dough before picking them up
  • Ring mum
  • Ring Trish
  • Gin – 7.30pm

This week

  • Review website
  • Start reading the paper again (colour supplement still counts)
  • Look at limescale in the toilets
  • Plan to eradicate single-use plastic from home – start with dishwasher tablets and toilet thingies
  • Find rugby club for insane three-year old
  • Write hopeful piece about bereavement by suicide
  • Write funny piece to distract from writing about bereavement
  • Ring mum every day
  • Let Trish get on with new job
  • Try not to cry at work
  • Avoid upsetting television programmes
  • Engage with world (avoid Brexit though)
  • Lead by example at home – be tidy, considerate to spiders, always clean as you go
  • Get Molly to try a vegetable that isn’t a potato
  • Contact counselling service
  • Run, swim, walk. Show that core who’s boss (but be careful with my back)
  • Bath before bedtime
  • Avoid gin

This year

  • Give up caffeine
  • Stop gin
  • Only eat at a dining table
  • Go down to one car
  • Buy a boat
  • Get a new job
  • Half marathon – raise sponsorship sensitively
  • Stop thinking about ‘it’
  • Get over people telling you to get over it
  • Learn how to sleep without dreaming
  • Move away from the noise of trains
  • Get Molly to try spaghetti Bolognese/cheesy chips
  • Consider deeply and kindly the meaning of our existence



Lucy Neal
Lucy Neal

Lucy lives in Rutland with her husband and their two bonkers children. When not locating infinite amounts of plastic crap she works part-time and is perfecting the Venn diagram that includes every aspect of everyone’s life. In harmony, naturally. Lucy likes running (away, usually), is fond of cooking, food in general, dancing like an idiot and loves her friends to bits. Lucy fits in writing around everything else but dreams of it being the other way around. Find her on Twitter @Lucy999Neal