The Funny Pearls New Year Bonanza Extravaganza


A digit will change from 0 to 1. This has led many to believe that better times await in a few days. We hope this part-wish, part-belief, comes true.

For those of you who want the better times to begin NOW, Funny Pearls and associated experts are on hand with dating tips, bittersweet tales of 2020 and advice – universal in time and space – on how to get rid of people who try to force you to drink healthy juices in the morning. 

We offer new year’s resolutions to spec, and prepare you for making changes in 2021. Is it time for a new job? A new partner?  Or new neighbours

Dig in, darlings and enjoy the wise words of some of the many clever and funny women who have contributed to our website in 2020 – the year it became fashionable to look forward to December 31st

Happy New Year!

Stories and essays by Myna Chang, Julia Thorley, A V Arsic, Sarah Mosedale, Carol Cole, Elizabeth Sand and Philippa Hall.