Gina Headden: And Breathe

New day, new moves, new me. I’m mastering meditation.

Sat down, spine straight, eyes closed.

A-nnn-d focus on the breath. Inhale a-nnn-d..

My stomach’s swollen. Too much lasagne last night. And it wasn’t vegan. Or vegetarian. Honestly, I’m useless at.. Uh-oh. That’s a judgement and we’re not doing judgement. What was it I should say?

Thinking. Thinking. A-nnn-d back to the breath.

In. And out. In. And out.

There’s a sour taste in my mouth. What’s that about? Garlic? Come to think of it, my throat feels tight.

Is meditation really such a good idea? I mean, I felt fine before I started noticing things.

Thinking. Thinking.

Breathe in. And out. In. And out. In..

A bird’s singing in the garden. I’m aware of a bird! I wonder what sort? A robin? Damn! The breath, remember?

Breathe in, belly out; breathe out, belly in. In, belly out; out, belly in.

Hey! I got this!

Ah, shoot! I lost it.



Namaste, my friends. Namaste.

Gina’s writing has been published on audio platforms and in fiction and non-fiction magazines, featuring most recently on the Casket of Fictional Delights’ website and podcasts, in Longleaf Review and as part of National Flash Fiction Day’s Flash Flood.  Gina lives in Scotland and tweets @gmdfreelance.