Five Fast Ones for a Funny Pearls Reader – Lila Cooper

Writers are important to Funny Pearls. Without them, we wouldn’t have a product. But readers matter a great deal too and we are working hard to expand the Funny Pearls readership. After all, writers have messages to share and it’s not much fun without an audience.

So who are they, the souls that click on our site in search of a smile from time to time? In our new series of micro-interviews, we introduce Funny Pearls readers, starting with interior designer Lila Cooper who has been onboard from the beginning.

Name & Location: 

Lila Cooper, Sussex, UK

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On what type of device do you prefer to read Funny Pearls?

I always read Funny Pearls on my iPad.

Other than Funny Pearls, what do you like to read?

I am addicted to reading and love becoming engrossed in a book. Thrillers are my favourite, and occasionally I like to tease my brain with some non-fiction about North Korea or China.

Do you ever listen to podcasts?

I am not very tecky, but I love listening to past interviews from Desert Island Discs.

What do you most love about yourself?

That I am a loyal friend and a kind person.

Hall of Fame or Walk of Shame?

Hall of Fame.