Kath Whiting: How My Parents Met

Charlie was zimmering to the supermarket, cursing his threadbare coat, when he bumped into a bear.

‘Shouldn’t you be hibernating?’

The bear licked her lips.

‘Wouldn’t you prefer me fatter?’

She appraised Charlie’s bony body.

‘Let me eat first, we’ll both benefit. Lend me your coat; I’ll be faster warm.’

The bear disrobed.

Charlie put her fur on and hurried to the supermarket. Mistaken for a bear, he didn’t have to pay. When he came out, the naked bear opened her mouth to devour him, but Charlie fed her a kumquat.

‘Why eat me when delicious things exist? Come home and I’ll cook for you.’

Joint winner of the Funny Pearls 100 Word Winter Competition. 

Kath writes romance-infected novels, short stories and poetry. She has an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Winchester, where she works as a cat-herd. When she’s not writing, Kath can be found drawing, dancing and enjoying the colour green, sometimes simultaneously.  https://kathwhiting.blogspot.com/