Easy Peasy by Fiona M Jones

Poems must be so easy
To write en francais,
Where everything rhymes
With OO or AY.

You can save your breath
To cool your porridge:
You don’t have to struggle
With “purple” or “orange”.

Just write it in French.
There’s tout un melange
Of very good words
That rhyme with l’orange.

And purple is simple:
For les bouquets violets
Or cette rosette violette
It will work either way.

It’s not only colours
But adverbs as well:
Tres simplement, doucement,
C’est beau or c’est belle.

So I’ll miss you all deeply;
It’ll be quite a wrench,
But I’m moving to France
To write poems in French.

Fiona M Jones writes very short things. Her published work in fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry is linked through @FiiJ20 on Facebook and Twitter.