Five Fast Ones for a Funny Pearls reader – Amanda Ambrose

Writers are important to Funny Pearls. Without them, we wouldn’t have a product. But readers matter a great deal too and we are working hard to expand the Funny Pearls readership. After all, writers have messages to share and it’s not much fun without an audience.

So who are they, the souls that click on our site in search of a smile from time to time? In the second of our reader interviews, we talk to Amanda Ambrose, a New Yorker living and working in London.

Name & Location:
Amanda Ambrose, London, UK
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On what type of device do you prefer to read Funny Pearls?

Like nearly everything else, iPhone so I can read anywhere and on the go.

Other than Funny Pearls, what do you like to read?

I’m flying my flag lately and reading great American biographies, finished one on Ulysses S. Grant and started one on Alexander Hamilton.  Otherwise, I’m paying silly money to have The New Yorker delivered weekly – I love the short stories.

Do you listen to podcasts?

They’re part of my morning ritual.  I listen to a mix of politics and economics-focused podcasts, mixed up with some braincandy on beauty and wellness.  One is a guilty pleasure and will go unnamed!

What do you most love about yourself?

My passion for life and laughing – frequently and as often as possible!

Hall of Fame or Walk of Shame?

Hall of Fame.

Amanda Ambrose